5 NEW Sandstone Holds for 2013

So Tony Reynaldo one of our holds designers came to Three Ball in late 2012. He suggested to Steve (Owner) that Three Ball make some “tweaks” of a few holds he shaped earlier that fall. The original three-pack was just in the throws of getting put into production for 2013. So one afternoon Tony took the master molds and did some creative squeezing to create two “new” holds to make the three pack of Sandstone matchables a fun suite of five that are now available on our website.

Say hello to Freki, Centauri, Ego, Psyche & Forseti. To order some visit our website: www.threeballclimbing.com


If anyone is curious what inspired Tony to create these holds, it was actually the first hold he shaped now called “Ego” that is based off the “match-rail” holds on the Undertow wall of the Motherload in the Red River Gorge, KY. The climbing there offers a veritable smorgasboard of matchable holds, so he sought out to shape an edge with that level of comfort that could be added into the sandstone series he has created for Three Ball. The “tweak” version called “Psyche” is more positive and incut then “Ego” making for a nice complimentary pairing.

Included in this post is an image of the hollow-backing that the crew here at Three Ball did to these five. It makes these holds super light yet strong.